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The mission of Let’s Teach, Inc. is to teach young people how to live positive, successful lives through achieving excellence in academics, athletics and leadership. Becoming a great athlete is not an end in and of itself; becoming a great person is. 

Identifying the most promising athletes from amongst low income groups, Let's Teach also offers advanced training at little or no cost with the ultimate objective of transforming those athletes' life experiences from being just good athletes to being persons with well-defined goals for their lives.

Let's Teach, Inc. hopes to instill in all their athletes:


  • Show respect to coaches and other players

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship

  • Seek to become effective leaders through creativity, initiative, public speaking, work ethic and leading by example


In 1969, the National Junior Tennis League was created as a way to gain and hold the attention of young people, with the hope of teaching them the importance of character, getting an education and becoming productive citizens.


Today, the now-named National Junior Tennis and Learning network features more than 350 nonprofit youth development organizations that offer free or low-cost tennis and education programming to more than 200,000 under-resourced youth each year.


NJTL is supported by the USTA Foundation, the national charitable organization of the USTA. The work done by its member chapters includes after-school tutoring that focuses on academic enrichment, a life-skills curriculum and, of course, tennis.


Let’s Teach is proud to be a member chapter of the NJTL.

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